Bonus Pastor Scandal

Bonus Pastor Catholic School expose 14 year olds to sexually explicit material and foul language in RE lessons. Parents exposes school and call for an inquiry…

Some parents have been complaining to the school for more than a year about shameless films being shown to their children; still they find it regrettable that there is need to post this material on the web. However, it is being posted because the school;

  • 1. Has not provided a rational for its use of obscene and damaging material with 14 year old children
  • 2. Has expressed their determination to continue using this material, which is contrary to Christian morality despite written protestations from parents over the past 10 months to the Head and Chair of Governors.
  • 3. Will not take direction from the Commission for Schools and Colleges.

It is important that you see the videos for yourself and read the correspondence between the school and parents as this contains the essential facts of the case. While these facts are undeniable, in fairness, it should be noted that:-

  • 1. The RE Department is exclusively culpable for this material being used though it has the full support of the Head Teacher
  • 2. No other department has indicated to any parent that they support the use of these materials.